Monet's Cataract Paintings

Monet knew this firsthand - he suffered from cataracts for over a decade

(Between 1912-1923)

For an artist, there is nothing scarier than losing your eyesight

This illness had a big impact on Monet's sight and art

Take a look at some of the paintings from this time:

His paintings from this time utilize broad, messy brushstrokes and increasingly dark colors (mostly reds)

The Artist's House seen from the Rose Garden (1922-1924)

Weeping Willow (1920-1922)

The Path Under the Rose Trellises (1920-1922)

Weeping Willow (1918-1919)

The Japanese Bridge (1918-1924)

The House Amongst the Roses (1925)

It's clear that Monet's practice was affected by his failing eyesight

When looking at the paintings, the audience can feel his anxiety and unease around his failing health

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